Wellness Teaching 4 U presents workshops offering you a myriad of information that guides you to better health for your body, brain and being.


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Meditation Made Simple

Mind chatter, anxiety, depression and sleep issues have all been shown to find relief through meditation. In this training, you will learn simple methods that most anyone can apply to relax and calm your body and mind. Information on what meditation is, what it is not as well as, the various types of mediation will be discussed. Contrary to popular belief, you are not trying to make your mind empty or blank- you will not stop your thoughts and that’s okay. We learn to allow our thoughts and overcome the way they have seemingly taken over our mind. Many simple tools are given and we will practice together as a group and answer questions or concerns as well. Group rates as well as individual teachings available. Call 262-939-4964 for details and pricing.

Beekeeping & the Amazing Honeybee!

Learn about honey and the honeybee and what it’s like to be a beekeeper. Find out all the jobs a bee has throughout her lifetime. Did you know at a certain time of the year, the male bees are all kicked out of the hive? What do bees do in the winter? Find out fascinating facts, see the tools used in beekeeping, try on a bee hat, ask questions and taste some local, organic, raw honey (honey tasting is for groups under 50 people- you provide the spoons).

1 hour = $75 (group pricing)

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training and Attunement

Reiki is: energy techniques from Japanese traditions that promote relaxation, releases negative emotions, is detoxing and healing.

This is a sacred practice that asks you continue to work on your personal growth and healing, so a level of long-term commitment is required.

In Reiki level 1, you will learn what Reiki including a brief history, go through a guided meditation and the process of Reiki, receive your attunement and practice Reiki on another person. With this training, you will be able to practice Reiki on yourself and another person that is with you.

The class will include handouts, training, attainment, a guided meditation and healthy snacks water and tea; bring a lunch if you choose.

Offered by Grace Redwood (formerly know as Marie Boyum), CYI, CLC, Reiki Master Teacher

Grace has been practicing Reiki for five years and been an practicing intuitive healer for over 25 years.

The cost is: $150.00 (for each level) with a $75.00 (for each level) deposit required 1 week before the class call 262-939-4964 for details on payment.

Animal Communication Training

Held at: The Nurturing Center- 5909 Spring St. Mount Pleasant, WI


Inquire with any questions regarding any listing

The Beekeeping and the Amazing Honeybee

Developing a Spiritual Practice: Divine Daily Rituals

The Sacred Art of Forgiveness

Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Expanding Wisdom & Growth on Your Inner Path

Change the Internal to Shift the External                       

Being The Thrifty Naturalist ©

The Essential Eight

 Meditation: Stepping Stones to Stillness                                                             

Meditation Made Simple

Various Guided Meditations:

  • Sun & Moon Meditation
  • Guided Healing Meditation

Reikki training- Level 1 & 2 attunements

Manifesting workshop

Entering Presence

Cellular Regeneration

Reawakening Your Creative Muse

Retreats for Connecting to Deeper Self

Vegan/Vegetarian 101

Animal Communication

Animal Chakras and Reikki Balancing

Wisdom of the Elementals, Faeries & Nature Spirits

Tarot Cards & You

Mudra series:

  • Introduction to Mudra’s
  • Mudra’s For Depression
  • Mudra’s For Weight Loss
  • Mudra’s For Anti-Aging
  • Mudra’s For Insight, Guidance & Higher Consciousness
  • Mudra’s For Health
  • Mudra’s For a Broken heart
  • Mudra’s For Addictions
  • Mudra’s for Colds & Flu Relief
  • Mudra’s For Cancer
  • Mudra’s For Stress
  • Mudra’s For Relaxation, Reflection & Renewal
  • E.T. Mudra class- Strength, Empowerment (Self) & Trust (Higher Self)
  • Mudra’s For Chakra Balancing & Awakening workshop

Shamanic Journey

Aging Gracefully

 Exciting News!

Some Mudra classes and meditations are now available on-line!

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