Corporate Yoga

10149832_10203040945210310_2336835640962415333_nCorporate yoga is designed so no special clothes are needed and you do not break a sweat.

Basic yogic techniques show you proper breathing, stretching and strengthening. The overall health benefits you will see from corporate yoga will assist in stress relief, relaxation, clearer focus and refreshed energy; bringing overall balance to your body and life, generating greater positive interaction with coworkers and increased productivity.

Poses are shown in and using a chair or office desk. Employees will be able to replicate these simple and effective movements as soon as they return to their desk. Taught in 15-minute intervals, on break or over lunchtime so there is no interruption of the workday. Warehouse employees can also be shown safe, effective methods for stretching and enhancing their energy as well. Call today for rates for your employees needs!