Yoga Consulting

Because of Covid were you forced to turn to DVD’s and online yoga classes? How do you know you are using the correct methods/classes for you? Are you truly achieving the changes you’d like to see or, do you feel you have plateaued?

Whatever your physical, emotional (and even spiritual) reasons are for turning to yoga, with a Yoga Consultation you’ll get an evaluation of the methods you are using, verify you are doing them properly, so you don’t injure yourself, and help you continue to move forward in your progress.

With over 20 years of experience, I can give you options to address your specific areas of needs to expand on what you are already doing. All this allows you to save money (no regular class/gym membership), stay in your home and practice yoga safely, properly, and efficiently at your pace and fitness level!

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Also Available: 

  • Videos
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Retreat 
  • On-line events