Awareness Coaching

Awareness Coaching provides you with mindfulness tools that free you from habitual thoughts & actions that block inner peace & happiness; training you to be more mindful in all areas of your life, allowing for presence.

Helping you create a healthy, happy and peaceful life through awareness.

Our Mission:

To provide others with compassionate and clear guidance to gain awareness that shift old patterns, release pain & open one to inner peace.

  • Need assistance with your personal health issues & goals?
  • Looking for tools & steps to relieve stress & have overall better balance with your health & life?
  • Searching for the steps you need to take to challenge your brain, body & being to become the best you can be?

Small steps lead to big results, but it’s the movement that actually takes us places, no matter how big or small the steps.

Life is full of baby steps and great leaps; they are all necessary and good-always the proper step at the proper time. Even if that step seems to have us land face down, we eventually find the pace that is right for us. Helping you learn to listen and find your pace and in what direction to go, is what I am here for.

I have taken many steps in a myriad of directions, sometimes seemingly circling round and round. Life has given me many skips and trips, but through it all I’ve learned a great deal, healing my body from illnesses, my emotions from pain, and my environment of people and things that are unhealthy and no longer serve me to my highest good. Since I have experienced much, I empathize with your path and offer a variety of ways, customized for your unique situation to assist you in discovering your healthiest and happiest self, allowing you to fulfill your greatest potential.

With reverence, I look forward to guiding you on your path to better health, a lighthearted and joyful mindset and a more congruently conscious lifestyle.

  • Is it really possible to be free from stress, physical/emotional pain & the constant cycle my life seems to repeat?

Absolutely! Simple techniques help rewire your thought process & develop healthier, new habits. Learning how to release blocks allows for a letting go of patterns that create pain emotionally & stuck energy that creates physical pain & disease.

  • Why Awareness Coaching?

There are many types and styles of coaching available. I feel we need to have awareness, which helps us be mindful of our actions and words. There are people that are very aware of their behavior yet say, “That’s just the way I am.” Being mindful in our awareness allows us to not just know our words and actions but understand how we want to shift and change them; also becoming conscious of the patterns and their root cause that keep us cycling in that behavior. By using tools to become more aware (mindful), we then can make awakened choices and shift into healthier (higher consciousness) words and actions.

No matter what life’s circumstances, it’s an inside job. Not to pull up the past but to clear away the debris to allow your true highest Self to shine forth, giving you clarity, strength and love to move through each situation.

  • Life is just too busy & chaotic; how can I deal with all this turmoil (relationships, job, money, family, etc.)?

There are so many tools to pull from through energetic & spiritual guidance; you will given those that best assist, allowing you to choose which resonates with you for each life situation you are presented with. Simple meditation techniques are taught that do not require a lot of time. Even minutes a day can have a wonderfully positive effect on your life!

  • How can I have more energy?

Many aspects of proper breath, various relaxation techniques & gentle movements are taught to awaken the body & calm the mind. Meditation has been proven to bring your body and mind more rest, allowing for a healthier, happy life with more energy.

Awareness Coaching sessions:   

  • What happens in a session?  

Awareness Coaching personalizes sessions for you. They are comprised of stress-relieving/relaxation techniques, including different types of meditation and mudras, tailored to your situation or goals. Other tools such as Reiki are used to assist physical, mental and emotional aspects of concern. (Often aromatherapy is also used so, please advise ahead of time if you have any allergies.) Additional guidance/teachings include, finding self-love, shifting old patterns of thoughts and behaviors, learning coping skills for anxiety, depression & pain, discovering how to make healthy choices in all areas of your life, & opening to how to live in presence so you can find peace in each moment, no matter what life tosses your way.

Session Prices:

$60.00 = 1-hour session

$115.00 = 2-hour session

Previous client discount *:

$50.00 = 1-hour session

$95.00 = 2-hour session

* Current and previous clients of 6-week yoga sessions & multiple (5 or more) workshop/classes/events can receive the discount for their first session.

Special Package Offer Includes:

3 – 1-hour sessions

With two bonus gifts!

  • Customized Reiki-infused essential oil spray
  • Personalized guided meditation to keep

Valued at $200.00 all for only $175.00! 

Call to schedule today! 262-939-4964

Skype sessions are also available.

Group sessions are also available for 1-2 hours sessions. Call for prices.

Also Available: 

  • Videos
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Retreat 
  • On-line events