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Our Mission:

To provide others with compassionate and clear guidance to gain awareness to shift old patterns, release pain & open one to inner peace

Balancing body, brain & being for a happy, healthy life!
About Grace
Grace Redwood (formerly known as Marie Boyum), Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Mudra instructor, speaker & author.

Grace brings over thirty nine years of teaching experience to her twenty-one years of personal yoga practice and well over forty-eight years of meditation practice.  During her over sixteen years as a yoga instructor, she also has obtained special certification and experience in beginner and intermediate, prenatal/postnatal, corporate, partner, kid and senior yoga classes.

Grace empathizes with those having health issues and who are overcome with stress.  Many years ago she was also caught up in the stresses of life and multiple illnesses developed. She was on numerous medications, eventually even developing cancer. Doctors still attest today that her yoga and meditation practice, as well as diet and lifestyle changes are what have kept many health issues at bay. Developing a better wellbeing with each passing year, Grace wants to share her expertise with others that struggle with stress and health issues, guiding them to live a happier and healthy lifestyle through classes, workshops and Awareness coaching sessions.

Grace’s skills as an Awareness Coach comes from having worked with multiple spiritual teachers from all over the world. She began seeking and learning about her personal growth path early in her childhood. Her life has been one of a plethora of experiences, both challenging and uplifting, but always enlightening. She has gleaned many various styles of wisdom and types of tools to assist and allow awareness for life’s situations.

Additionally, Grace teaches mudras (ancient yogic hand gestures) and is a multi-published author of articles and books and has created her own line of video classes. Ask about all the other services she offers – call for details. 262-939-4964