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Grace’s (called Marie by many) teaching style is varied and non-traditional; classes combine various yoga styles while adding core fitness. Specializing in all body sizes, ages and abilities, sessions are made fun and adaptable to all fitness levels so, you’ll gain an overall healthy body, brain and being.


Wellness Teaching 4 U presents a wide variety of workshops/on-line classes/video classes/events/retreats that are intended to guide  and teach mindful awareness for greater health of body, mind and a deeper connection to your highest Self.


Yoga Consulting

Online yoga classes and DVD’s are great but, are you doing the right one(s) for you?

How can you be sure you are properly doing the poses and being safe?

Having a Yoga Consultation will give you the confidence and peace of mind to know you are properly doing yoga at home.

“I have never slept better since doing the mudras Marie taught me. I have also used them to help lose weight; they help me curb my appetite.:- C.F., Phoenix, AZ